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Date of birth 02 May 1958 | Nationality Italian

Our Motto

The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origin there.

— John Doe Molicere


4th May 2015 – Present
Medical Director, Cardiologist
Via Mauro Gavazzeni, 21, 24125 Bergamo, Italy
Director of the Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology II Center Accredited Private Hospital

December 16th 2013
National Scientific Qualification as full professor in the sector 06/D1 – Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases as defined in DD 222 of July 20, 2012

February 2000 – February 2015
Medical Director, Cardiologist
Via Rodolfo Morandi, 30, 20097 SAN DONATO MILANESE (MI) (Italy)
Director of the Centre of Clinical Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Business or sector Accredited Private Hospital

01 October 1995 – March 1999
Co-chairman of the Electrophysiology Laboratory
II Division of Internal Medicine of the St. Georg General Hospital, Hamburg (Germany)
The activity performed in the laboratory consist of about 1100 procedures/year, including 600 radiofrequency ablations, 150 electrophysiological studies, 100 defibrillator and 250 pace-maker implantation. I also assisted in the interventional laboratory, where I personally run about 300 left heart catheterizations and coronary angiographies as well as 100PTCA and stent implantations

15 March 1992 – 15 September 1992
Research fellow
Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratories of the Cardiology Department of Universitaet Krankenhahaus – Eppendorf, Hamburg (Germany)

April 1989 – March 1996
Medical Assistant – Cardiology
Division Of Cardiology, Arcispedale S. Anna, Ferrara (Italy)

January 1988 – June 1988
Medical assistant – Cardiology
First Aid and Internal Medicine Department of the Local Healthcare Unit 33, Codigoro and Comacchio (FE), Italy


September 1984 – 08 July 1987
Specialization in Cardiology (70/70 cum laude)
Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Ferrara (Italy)

October 1984 – October 1986
Voluntary assistant
Division of Cardiology at Arcispedale S. Anna, Ferrara (Italy)

June 1985
Qualification in Clinical Practice in the United States ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduated’ – Certification number 389/958/0)
ECFMG, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)

17 September 1984 – 29 September 1984
Observer in the Department of Cardiology
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Hannover (Germany)

September 1977 – 20 July 1983
Graduated in Medicine and Surgery
Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Ferrara (Italy)

01 July 1982 – 31 August 1982
Observer in the Division of Cardiology and the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

September 1972 – July 1977
High School Degree
Liceo Classico L.Ariosto, Ferrara (Italy)


Member of the National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (ANMCO) since April 1995.

Member of the Scientific Program Organizing Committee of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Arrhythmias in the period 1998-2000.

Member of the Italian Association on Arrhythmias and Cardiac Pacing (AIAC) since June 1998.

Member of the Sudden Death Task Force, European Society of Cardiology.

Promoter and Coordinator of the BEDS Study  (Brescia Early Defibrillation Study), a trial on early defibrillation on population in the Brescia County, still on-going since 1998 (with up-to-date inclusion of 2250 victims of cardiac arrest)

Member of the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC) since April 2003.

Member the of Scientific Sessions Committee, Heart Rhythm Society

Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) since July 2003.

Chairman of the 1st Scientific Sessions of the “European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society (ECAS)”.

Section Editor of the Heart International Scientific Journal since November 2005.

Associate Editor of Giornale Italiano di Aritmologia e Cardiostimolazione.

President of the “European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society (ECAS) since June 2007.

Co-Director and Organizer of Europe AF Congress since 2007.

Patent inventor of the Human Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator (S-ICD®; developed by Cameron Health, Inc., San Clemente, CA, USA)

Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) since April 2008.

Chairperson of ANA-Aritmie since May 2010.

Principal Investigator of X-Vert since August 2011.

Chief Investigator of OPTIMISE (Omacor Plus Standard Therapies In port MI Subjects Evaluation) since October 2011

President of Focus.AF since April 2012.

Principal Investigator of Venture AF ablation study since January 2013

President of VAS CORDIS FOUNDATION – Cardiovascular Arrhyhtmia and Educational Center since March 2015